About this “Simple KT Gal”

Hi … I’m Daphne @ Ah Lan or Hwee Lan to my childhood friends, school mates and closest friends. I originated from Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia, lived in Petaling Jaya and now Singapore for most part of my life, with a few years spent studying in Perth Australia.

My love for food and baking comes from watching my grandma, my aunt, my mom and my cousin doing their “thing” since young. My grandma was a great cook in her time and was quite well-known in our small KT town for her ‘bak-chang’, while my grandaunt for her ‘tupat sotong’. Even, my mom made a name for herself selling our KT special breadroll called “pa-ong’. From my cousin, I learned to bake. I still remember putting cherries on top of her “rock cakes” as a kid.

So I guess I picked up some skills from them along the way – perhaps not to their standards yet as I still have lots to learn. In fact I started cooking more when I was studying  in Perth. I guess when you craved for local cuisines, there’s little choice but to cook it. And I dare say that my uni mates will tell you that I cook a mean nasi lemak (or rather the closest Malaysian version of nasi lemak that you can get in Perth), and still do. 🙂

Now it’s mostly cooking & baking for my family – hubby, two girls and mom while trying to learn as much as possible from my mom, especially on our KT and traditional dishes which we can’t find at all in Singapore.So if you are craving for nasi dagang, or nasi kerabu or nasi lemak ala KTrg, do contact me at daphnechl@hotmail.com. I may just find time to cook it for you!




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