CNY Cookies #2: Peanut Cookies

Another one of my all-time favourite CNY cookies and it’s also my family’s fave. This recipe is a hand-me-down recipe from one of my mom’s friends in our hometown. It’s a rather easy recipe and once you’ve baked this, you’ll never pay to buy another bottle of peanut cookies sold outside.

If you wish to follow the true-blue traditional recipe, the original recipe calls for 50% lard, 50% cooking oil. However, I’d usually use 100% cooking oil.


Melt-in-the-mouth Peanut Cookies

Depending on how you like the texture of this cookie, you can either ground the peanut coarse or fine. If you like a little bit crunchy of texture, then don’t ground the peanuts too fine. However, if you like the ‘melt-in-the-mouth’ texture, then you would need to ground the peanuts to ALMOST paste like.




Peanut cookies

1 kati (approx 600gm) of peanuts – baked, peeled and grounded (note: I’d been advised that for baking, you should use the small rounded peanuts vs. the longer ones)
1 kati flour (600 gm)
11 oz icing sugar (300 gm)
1tsp baking powder
pinch of salt
12 oz cooking oil (350 ml)
egg yolk for glazing

1. Sieve the icing sugar into a mixing bowl, and then sieve the flour (including the baking powder).
2. Next, add in the grounded peanuts, salt and mix the above ingredients together. Try to ensure that there’s no lumps.
3. Once the dry ingredients are well mixed, gradually pour in the oil and mix it thoroughly.
4. Once all’s well mixed, roll into thumb-size balls (or smaller) and place on baking tray. Push a dent into the middle with your finger/ pinky (or I use end of a chopsticks). Or you may press half a raw peanut into each cookie. It’s up to you on the variation. Glaze it with egg yolk before baking.
5. Bake in a pre-heated oven at around 160-165C for 15-20mins. or until it’s slightly brown. 

Warning: This peanut cookie is very addictive. Once you start, it’s really difficult to stop!

Tip 1: I would usually glaze it another time as soon as it’s out of the oven to give it a more shining look.

Tip 2: Don’t wait for it to look golden brown because it’ll be burnt by then!!! Trust me, I’m speaking from experience.  😉


CNY Cookies #1: Butter Oats Cookies

Chinese New Year – a start of a new Chinese calendar year. As we celebrate this festival with family and friends, food is a definite part of this celebration.

While there’s the traditional must-have food such as nian-gao, huat-kuih and tang-yuan for prayers, cookies is another must-haves for CNY.


Butter Oats Cookies with cranberries

For me, this Butter Oats cookies is one that I will definitely bake every year. There are a few reasons for this: 1) It’s my family favourite, especially my late dad ; 2) It’s an easy recipe to bake, and believe me because this is one of the very first cookies I baked (when I was still in secondary school) ;  3) It’s really yummy as I love the crunchy texture of this cookie; 4) I can opt not to use egg in the cookie batter thus it’s suitable for those who are vegetarian.

This recipe is an adaptation of a cookie recipe from Quaker Oats which I tweaked over the years.


Butter Oats Cookies

Butter Oats Cookies

125g butter (soften) — if you use unsalted butter, then remember to add a pinch of salt.
120g sugar — I’d usually reduced to 100g, and some still find it a tad too sweet
120g plain flour (sifted)
3 level tsp of baking powder (sifted with the flour)
8 tbsp of oats (Quaker Oats/ roll oats)
A handful of raisin (add more if you like raisin, otherwise you may omit this altogether);  or you may substitute this with cranberries (which I did this year)
* 1/3 bowl of desiccated coconut — optional …  (and if I add this, I would reduce the same amount of oats, give a slight variation from the original recipe
* 1 egg — optional
* to make it more colourful, you may also wish to add glazed red/ green cherries on top of the cookies.

1. Cream butter till creamy then add sugar. Mix it well. (If you wish to add egg, you need to add in at this step)
2. Then add in sifted flour. Use a spatula to fold in the flour and ensure it is well mixed.
3. Add the oats and raisin/ chopped cranberries (and desiccated coconut if you wish).
4. Once it’s well mixed, use a teaspoon and drop the cookie batter onto a baking tray.
5. Baked in a pre-heated oven at 165-170C for 20 minutes or till cookies is golden brown.
6. Remove from tray while still warm and set aside to cool.

Great with coffee or a cup of cold milk!!!


Butter Oats Cookies with raisins and glazed cherries

Butter Oats Cookies with raisins and glazed cherries